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Banana stem recycling is the process of recovering banana stems waste from a banana trees in order to process them into different kind of products other than its original form. It also has its own vital importance and therefore should not be put to waste and be used wisely. This stems has fetch thousands of farmers who knows the usefulness thousands of money.

Banana stem recycling is imperative in ensuring that resources like this banana stems are returned back to nature to ensure their sustainability. An item which is recycled into a different product cannot  be recycled again.

     Recycling of Banana Stems in uganda

     Uganda is the second largest producer of banana after India and  they are popularly known for this. Annually , they produce around nine million tons of banana stems for their paper work.

In Namulanda,Uganda the paper crafts are known as UP-CYCLING LORDS.

Benefits of banana stem Uganda

Banana stems shouldn’t be put to waste but instead be recycled. This banana stems can be recycled into handmade paper. Papers are produced from anything that has fibers which includes the banana leaves its self.

The papers made out of this fibers [ Banana Stems ] can be used to produce notebooks,albums,photo frame,wedding cards,boxes ,all sort of things, giving it a similar look with luxurious products

In Uganda, the paper work is mainly in creative aspect because everything is handmade. The more the people buy from them, the more jobs they create for the producers and the more they generate their income.

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The major key is the environment , that is go protect the environment and more also due to the situation in Uganda, it helps in the creation of Job for the people of Uganda.

Stage in Recycling the banana stems

Before the banana stems are recycled, it needs to go through some different process inorder to use them to make different types of products i.e Paper

  • After plantation of Banana’s and harvesting. Them stems are collected to avoid wastage
  • The paper craft receives the Fibers from the farmers
  • The paper craft weighs them per kilo and pay them

Benefits of recycling banana stem Temmieblissblog

Process of making handmade Paper

  • First, you cut the fibers using scissors
  • After cutting, you cook them
  • Add soda ash while cooking the fibers to quicken the boiling process
  • It takes around eight hours but besides that its just water, and if they are not in a rush , they just put water and keep boiling
  • After the cooking, they blend them
  • After blending they lift them on mosquito nets and hung to dry
  • When they are dry they pull them of  easily and its paper

Challenges in making Handmade Paper in Uganda

  • The biggest challenge in Uganda is that they entirely rely on the weather to make paper. Papers are made during the hot days in Uganda,  so if its not a hot day they  would not be able to produce paper and that to slowing down their work.
  • The other challenge is that in Uganda, they solely rely on human labour 100% to produce the hand made paper.
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Due to this challenges,it occurs that there are times when they cannot meet up with their customers deadline when desired because they have to produce the papers with their hands.

Benefits of recycling banana stem Temmieblissblog


Benefits of recycling banana stem

Basically banana fibers (Stems) are use for almost everything in the Upcycling Lords Workshop.

Banana stem recycling does not only promotes proper and efficient utilization of banana stem waste but also helps to conserve the environment.

The banana stems are also used to package the soaps , package the glass we recycle. The fibers are used to make papers in general i.e wedding cards, albums,e.t.c The papers are efficient for everybody that loves art and appreciate nature.

In general, everybody should learn to appreciate nature, learn to appreciate whatever they see, and we believe we can make a better future.

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