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A man took his Facebook handles and posted a thanksgiving post, thanking God for sparing the life of his son.According to the news he shared,he posted that he had almost crushed his son to death with his car.

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The man is identified as a Nigeria cleric who reside currently in Rivers state. The Nigeria cleric cried out in thanksgiving and overwhelmed joy,stating how is heart is full of praise for the miracle that had just took place.

According and based on the story he shared;he said it was indeed a miracle because the little boy had actually sneaked under the parked car without the awareness of anyone or people around the vicinity. The young boy had actually found his way under the parked car only to pick up a ball,What a co-incidence!!!

The boy`s father; knowned as Pastor Akunchukwu;took to his facebook social platform to thank God for retaining and sparing, and more also for avoiding the tragic incident from occurring

He post;

“How can I really thank this great God enough. I would have killed my own son {King NICOLAS} just now if I moved my car without hearing his voice. I didn’t know he got stuck under my car when he went to pick his yellow ball.
I’ll continously BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION.

So many of this kind of event has occurred in the previous years and has ended up with the dismiss of minors,unexpected tragic event one never planed for or even prayed to occur.

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Author: Adesanya Temitayo

Adesanya Temitayo Blessing (born Adesanya Temitaya Blessing; 6th May) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, disk jockey, and a teacher.

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