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A  19 year old blogger,a cryptocurrency trader and an affiliate marketer known as, Priscilla Emasoga  gained popularity after buying each of parent cars as a sign of appreciation towards them.

19year old blogger bought each of her parents car

In order to express her gratitude and appreciation towards them, the 19 year old teen got each of them a car, one a Lexus and the other a Toyota.

The teen also shared the photo of the  cars she bought for her parents on her Facebook timeline alongside with a short note

She wrote:

“19 years ago they brought me into this world. They worked day and night to put food on the table and made sure I never lacked the necessary things in life.

Today am returning that Favour. Two new rides for my favorite people in this world. Thank you for taking care of me Mom and Dad ??

Thank God for Grace ?”

19year old blogger bought each of her parents car

After she had posted the photo of the cars she bought for her mother and father on her Facebook timeline, her relatives, friends and well wishers re-posted it and congratulated her.

19year old blogger bought each of her parents car

This has always being every parent dream,to reap the fruit of their hard labour that they had sown. Not all teenagers are capable to do this at this very early stage,her steps are exemptional and outstanding among other teenagers out there. With this, she also stands as a role model to other youth out there.

Congrats to her parents!!!

Congrats to her!!!

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Author: Adesanya Temitayo

Adesanya Temitayo Blessing (born Adesanya Temitaya Blessing; 6th May) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, disk jockey, and a teacher.

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