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Teenage girl was kicked out by her parent after they discovered that she was a lesbian


The parents of a teenage girl disowned and cast their own daughter after they recently found out about her true sexual state. The parents of the teenage girl were filled with disbelief and were overwhelmed about the huge truth.

The 19 years old teenage, Emily  Scheck is a student and stays in Webster in New York.

The 19 years old teenage, was disowned and thrown out of the house by her parents who recently discovered a huge secret about their daughter being a Lesbian.

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The 19 years old teen, Emily Scheck’s mother and father discovered a photo of their daughter alongside with her girlfriend Justyna. Her parents were overwhelmed and disappointed about their daughter being a Lesbian.

The teenagers mother sent a warning text message to her teenage daughter, Emily Scheck that due to her current sexual state, she should stop attending  the University  and also that she should undergo a conversation therapy  to cure her Homosexuality else she would disown her and cut off all her alliance with her.


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The teenager,Emily Scheck who is currently studying at Cansius College in Buffalo, refused to adhere to her mother advice and kept on attending the University and to even add to it, she made her sexuality public letting everyone know that she’s a Lesbian.

The parents of the teenager threw out all their daughter belongings alongside side with all her childhood toys. Not only did they did that, they also threw out all her stuffed animals,awards and every cent of her belongings leaving her homeless and penniless.


She came home only to find out that all her belongings had really  been moved out of the apartment. Her parents had moved all things belonging to her into her car. The also took off the license plates of her car. Her dad also refused to pay for her insurance and left her penniless only for her to take a good turn and adhere to her mother’s advice .

Her parents also left a note for her confirming that they had totally disowned her and she would cease from being their daughter or part of the family, from that day henceforth. Her parents also left in the note that she shouldn’t try to take any step to contact them never again.

She was left homeless and with just $20 in her pocket, until a friend decided to help out in her situation she was currently stucked in. The friend of hers, interfered and set up a GoFundMe account. The account which her friend set up for her did raised a $100,000 for her.



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